Restaurant 05: Freemans, New York City

My friends and I were recommended Freemans during our trip to new york. In order to get there we ended up walking down a couple of alleys until we found the little tucked away restaurant. When I first walked in I was surprised by how busy the place was as the first floor was full of so much energy. Unfortunately we were led up stairs to eat where there was no one in sight. It was so quiet we thought we had been shunned.

But, it was fine -we had amazing service and a great experience in the end. Our group ordered the hot Artichoke Dip with Bread ($15) as a starter (since I'm gluten free I got endives to eat it with). It was so good I wish I would have ordered that for my main course. For dinner I was a little disappointed. I ordered the Summer Squash 'Lasagna' Roasted Tomato, Herb Ricotta Basil Purée ($24). It was almost bland and for $24 dollars I expect a more complex set of flavours. One of the saving graces is that the food is produced locally and sustainably.

I would recommend the place if you're a bit hipster and want to try something of the beaten path in New York.

Here is a New York Time's review if you are interested.

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